Buildings dedicated to public service are shaped by so many factors—among them are function, budget, and a sense of belonging—belonging to the unique community of which it is a part. As community leaders, you are charged with making an impact, yet also making best use of taxpayer or donated dollars. Finding a partner who’s been through this before can help guide you through the process and be receptive and adaptive to community concerns.

Thoughtful environments for our community

Community architecture not only fulfills a need, it makes the community proud and serves its residents for years to come. Whether it’s a town hall building that becomes a catalyst for development, an expansion for a growing church or a salt barn that keeps roadways safe in the winter—each and every building is purposefully designed.


Pathway to Fiscal Responsibility

Representing your community, fiscal responsibility is always at the forefront, but the path isn’t always clear. Leveraging over three decades of experience working on public projects, we can help steer you in the right direction. We’re passionate about helping communities succeed.

Accessibility Assessments

Locating areas of non-compliance with relevant guidelines—ADAAG, ANSI, and/or FHA—and providing cost effective solutions to address deficiencies and help you mitigate risk.

Building Code Analysis + Evaluation

Leveraging an in-house Certified Master Plans Examiner and Building Code Official we work through potential code issues at the beginning of a project—ultimately resulting in smooth permit reviews and creative, cost-effective solutions.

Cost Estimating

Providing detailed cost estimates at key milestones throughout the course of a project, to enable stakeholders to make cost effective decisions based on component value analyses.

Feasibility Studies

Assessing your facilities based on future viability and determining whether renovation or new construction will maximize your physical facility opportunities, with consideration given to existing building conditions, site constraints, and cost considerations.

Interior Design

Creating environments that work on an aesthetic and functional level, interior design is an extension of the building’s architectural concepts. We seamlessly tie the two together by incorporating unique design details that represent the distinctive aspects of your business.

Master Planning

Long-range planning efforts aimed at optimizing your current and future facilities in support of your organization’s mission, operational needs or business goals.

Need Assessments

Conducting interviews, determining future needs of each programmed space, and marrying future goals with existing facilities to understand the best use of space and how to maximize your program and budget.

Sustainable Design

While certification may not be the pathway for all projects, we can design to fulfill any level of sustainable design you desire including achieving a variety of certifications - LEED, WELL, and Living-Building Challenge.