The architecture of health and wellness is being reimagined like never before, in truly thoughtful ways, to help empower patients to become more active participants in their health, and to attract and nurture talented, collaborative caregivers who will proactively support patients in their pursuit of improved health and life-long wellness.

Efficient operations support both patients and institutions

The ACA is positively impacting population health, but also increasing patient volumes and caregiver obligations. With patient satisfaction and outcome expectations also steadily rising, business as usual is no longer an option. Whether consolidating clinical operations or re-thinking support and office spaces, we’ll help you maximize flow and efficiency.

Designing healthcare consumer experiences

Patients are becoming more adept consumers—thoughtfully choosing their healthcare providers as active decision makers. As a result, healthcare institutions are looking to the retail, corporate workplace, and hospitality industries to discover new approaches to facility design, and even to operations, to appeal to and serve those patient customers. With a thoughtful and knowledgeable approach we can assist you in integrating trends from these markets into your facilities.

Building Code Analysis + Evaluation

Leveraging an in-house Certified Master Plans Examiner and Building Code Official we work through potential code issues at the beginning of a project—ultimately resulting in smooth permit reviews and creative, cost-effective solutions.

Permanent + Temporary Experiential Design

Designing printed graphics and tactile installations that seamlessly integrate into an environment to communicate a sense of place through organizing information, amplifying a brand, or defining a culture.

Healthcare Accreditation Consulting

Knowing how and where building codes and accreditation guidelines intersect to drive healthcare facility planning and construction, we adeptly navigate local codes, accessibility standards, life safety standards and facility design guidelines to protect patient safety, support positive patient outcomes, and drive compliance with CMS and Joint Commission standards.

Healthcare Interiors

Integrating medical equipment, furnishings and interior design with architecture to create spaces that reassure nervous patients, facilitate the work of healthcare professionals, and are durable and easy to maintain.

Master Planning

Long-range planning efforts aimed at optimizing your current and future facilities in support of your organization’s mission, operational needs or business goals.

Medical Technology Integration

Blending a sophisticated understanding of medical technology with functional, aesthetic and engineering requirements of diagnostic and treatment spaces, we endeavor to create high-performing, robust and beautiful facilities that support the work of your medical professionals and optimize patient experience and outcomes.


Through conversations with project stakeholders and interviews of key users, we learn about your organization and your facility needs. Taking this knowledge we then develop space requirements and area relationships necessary to move forward with space planning and designing your facility or campus.

Wayfinding Systems

Designing wayfinding is more than signage. It’s a strategic and intentional method of displaying information to assist occupants of all ages and backgrounds in finding their way through an environment.