From site capacity studies and fit plans to the selection of building materials and systems, efficiency is key. Efficient design choices include planning for future flexibility, utilizing proper building code and zoning requirements, and leveraging incentives for sustainability. And, it frequently equates to a tight timeframe — which is why you need a quick and responsive team.

Facilities that last for many years

Implementing industry standards and trends, working collaboratively with the project team, and marrying current and future needs are all ways that we help assure longevity in your facility.

Process-oriented industrial design

Working alongside your Lean processes and goals, the facility and the site will support a process oriented workflow. Starting with the site, we’ll maximize the area, assuring everything will fit, then we’ll assure the interior supports your unique systems, equipment and workflow to maximize productivity.

3D Visualization

Envisioning your space before it's built, or during the design process, helps communicate design concepts and keep expectations aligned—whether it's for project understanding, for your investors, or to fuel a capital campaign.

Building Code Analysis + Evaluation

Leveraging an in-house Certified Master Plans Examiner and Building Code Official we work through potential code issues at the beginning of a project—ultimately resulting in smooth permit reviews and creative, cost-effective solutions.

Capacity Studies

Analyzing the constraints of a site based on size and local regulations, along with your functional requirements and programmatic needs, to quickly determine the maximum square footage, number of units and/or parking spaces that a particular site can accommodate.

Master Planning

Long-range planning efforts aimed at optimizing your current and future facilities in support of your organization’s mission, operational needs or business goals.

Need Assessments

Conducting interviews, determining future needs of each programmed space, and marrying future goals with existing facilities to understand the best use of space and how to maximize your program and budget.


Through conversations with project stakeholders and interviews of key users, we learn about your organization and your facility needs. Taking this knowledge we then develop space requirements and area relationships necessary to move forward with space planning and designing your facility or campus.

Zoning Analysis + Approvals

Identifying and researching applicable planning and zoning ordinances, and developing options to help you achieve your goals within community guidelines. We'll be your advocate and lead the process with local municipalities to get the necessary approvals.