Celebrating urban, walkable communities, mixed use architecture offers a diverse, liveable fabric embedded with emotional connection. It’s a community hub where you can live, work, and play, but also celebrate, dine, worship, shop, exercise, and relax (among many more).

Attracting urban, active Millennials

One of the largest generations in history, Millennials experience the world differently and mixed use architecture offers the opportunity to captivate this audience. They’re social and connected, they place a high value on being active, and they’re more concerned with access than ownership. 

We’re your quarterback

To create the desired experience, you need a quarterback that can lead a large team, yet also live in the details — such as building code and systems requirements for each specific use and how they can come together. With many different uses integrated into one area, it’s important to understand them all and collaborate as a team to be successful.

Leasing Support

Helping you market to potential tenants with master lease plans, preliminary space plans (PSPs), lease outline drawings (LODs), and leasing exhibits and renderings.

Master Planning

Long-range planning efforts aimed at optimizing your current and future facilities in support of your organization’s mission, operational needs or business goals.

Tenant Improvements / Fit Outs

Designing your leased space to your specifications and needs while collaborating with the developer/operator's building requirements and standards.

Tenant Coordination

Reviewing tenant drawings for compliance with development design criteria, coordinating with building drawings and providing square footage verification per B.O.M.A. standards.

Wayfinding Systems

Designing wayfinding is more than signage. It’s a strategic and intentional method of displaying information to assist occupants of all ages and backgrounds in finding their way through an environment.

Zoning Analysis + Approvals

Identifying and researching applicable planning and zoning ordinances, and developing options to help you achieve your goals within community guidelines. We'll be your advocate and lead the process with local municipalities to get the necessary approvals.