If there’s one thing we’ve learned from retail, it’s this: it takes a lot of planning, collaboration, and flexibility to make a brand come to life in a physical location. Be it a single store, a prototype design or a lifestyle center, retail is constantly evolving to attract consumers—and that’s OK. 

Budget. Time frame. Tenant mix.

Close collaboration is the way to make it work. It’s a hard-won lesson, but one that results in a profitable retail center that’s completed on time, built on budget, and never compromises your aesthetic or values.

Supporting your tenants

It’s challenging to fill all the vacant spaces within a development with the appropriate tenants. It takes a specific base of knowledge and fluid communication to assure success from inception to opening. Based on your goals, we can design the center to attract the tenants you want, compose tenant criteria, assist you with leasing and review tenant design for compliance.

Architectural Brand Standards

Together we’ve worked hard to design an environment that embodies your organization, so once it’s complete, defining architectural standards serves as a guide to preserve your design aesthetic through future change and growth.

Interior + Exterior Signage

Creating well-designed visual representation of information that communicates more than just relevant information, but subliminal messages about the brand or space it represents.

Leasing Support

Helping you market to potential tenants with master lease plans, preliminary space plans (PSPs), lease outline drawings (LODs), and leasing exhibits and renderings.

Lighting Design

Thinking about lighting design holistically from the onset of a project, our team designs so that both artificial and natural light can have positive impacts on your environment. We think about how each fixture fulfills functional, aesthetic and energy efficiency needs to provide you with the best lighting solution for each area.

Store Planning

Creating a customer journey that invites them to enter your store, peruse your products, understand your brand and ultimately make purchases.

Tenant Coordination

Reviewing tenant drawings for compliance with development design criteria, coordinating with building drawings and providing square footage verification per B.O.M.A. standards.

Tenant Improvements / Fit Outs

Designing your leased space to your specifications and needs while collaborating with the developer/operator's building requirements and standards.

Zoning Analysis + Approvals

Identifying and researching applicable planning and zoning ordinances, and developing options to help you achieve your goals within community guidelines. We'll be your advocate and lead the process with local municipalities to get the necessary approvals.