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Environmental Graphic Design and Company Culture

  • JUNE 30, 2017
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Environmental graphic design is becoming increasingly important in commercial real estate. Principal and Director of Interior Design, Carrie Boyd, recently spoke with Columbus Business First about the importance of environmental graphic design and why it's become so popular.

"We have definitely seen a shift," said Boyd. "That’s why now we’re doing it as a separate department. It wasn’t meant to be the jewel piece – now, day one, more time and attention needs to go into it."

Locally, M+A has infused EGD into many commercial spaces—and many more are on the drawing boards. Recent examples include Crawford Hoying's experiential display of keys and Moriroku's R&D facility in Marysville and its nod to Japanese heritage. EGD can help tell stories about the organization in a humble way.

Providing more visibility to your office and culture helps potential clients and visitors feel engaged to your business. It's also a great way to attract and retain talent. 

 “The younger, newer work force that’s coming, sort of expects it,” Boyd said. “Millennials want to feel tied to the environment.”

With corporate office environments becoming more open and home-like, environmental graphic design complements the overall feel of the office. It's a way to use your work environment as a selling point.

“You say environmental graphics and people think just your logo on the wall – this is not that,” Boyd said. “It’s a conversation starter.”


Source: "Office Trends: Environmental and experiential design helping tenants show off company culture" by Columbus Business First

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