Suzanne Cody

by Suzanne Cody

Director - Marketing

Meet Our Newest Principals: Lori Bongiorno and Carrie Boyd

  • MAY 19, 2016
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A few weeks ago, we announced that Lori Bongiorno, RA, LEED AP and Carrie Boyd, NCIDQ joined M+A’s team of principals!

While both Lori and Carrie have been part of M+A’s broader leadership team for a number of years, this transition offers firm ownership and starts a succession planning process for current shareholders. Naming a third generation of leadership is often something very difficult for businesses, but it promises a future for M+A.

We welcome the fresh perspectives and recharged energy Bongiorno and Boyd bring with their leadership!

The History

Founded in 1980, by Denny Meacham and Bob Apel, M+A Architects has traditionally been a production firm, focusing on solid construction documents, building code analysis, and functional building designs.

M+A Architects HistoryIn 1994, that started to change, as M+A hired an extremely driven and enthusiastic project coordinator — Lori Bongiorno. A driving force behind some of M+A’s most challenging and complex projects—including Easton Town Center and Bob Evans Farms Headquarters—Lori has helped push M+A beyond the production of construction documents.

Largely focused on mixed use, office and retail projects, Lori is actively involved in the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) at a national level and will be the incoming chair of the ICSC Ohio Government Relations Committee.

“Lori offers attention to detail, a commitment to a high level of service, and personal attention on all of her projects,” said Jim Mitchell, partner and executive vice president, “and Carrie has built a reputation of quality and forward thinking interior design services within M+A Architects.”

M+A Architects Interior DesignJoining the firm in 2007, Carrie brought a focus on design and innovation, further challenging M+A’s production background. She’s crafted an award-winning interior design team, while extending M+A’s service offerings—ultimately providing a more comprehensive experience for clients.

Always keeping an eye towards design trends, she has a contemporary, creative style that can be seen in Columbus through projects such as Turner Construction’s Columbus HQ, OSU’s Office of the Chief Information Officer and Distance Education and eLearning at Mount Hall and The Lane mixed-use development. Boyd is a licensed interior designer through the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ).

Looking to the Future

“M+A Architects is becoming stronger. By adding two very motivated, experienced and dynamic principals to the firm, Lori and Carrie will help M+A solidify longevity in the marketplace,” said partner and president, Mark Daniels.

Bongiorno and Boyd have helped grow and sculpt the firm into its current form, building successful teams, creating lasting relationships and embodying M+A’s culture of collaboration. They both bring a unique perspective and a style of leadership that better relates to the millennial generation, helping the firm attract talent and grow from within.

“Lori and Carrie are both very dedicated individuals and firmly believe that doing the right thing for the company is in everyone’s best interest. Their management styles and how they each make important decisions are very sound and they balance out the group with their perspectives,” said partner and treasurer, John Eymann.

Advice for Emerging Leaders

While Bongiorno and Boyd will be part of the third generation of leadership at M+A, there’s room for more seats at that table, as Boyd and Bongiorno explain they’re already thinking about fourth generation leadership. So, how do you become a principal? After reflecting on their own experiences Lori and Carrie shared their advice for emerging leaders:

Carrie said, “Don’t be afraid to step up and lead. Always be thinking about what’s best for M+A and not what’s best for you personally. Look to impress and go above and beyond what is expected. Think outside the box!”

And Lori offers advice for her fellow architects, “Work hard and be passionate about architecture. Strive to be a knowledgeable, well rounded architect and take opportunities to learn leadership skills.”

Suzanne Cody

by Suzanne Cody

Director - Marketing

Before switching to a marketing role, Suzanne worked on projects for M+A and has a Bachelor of Science in Architecture. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her kids, riding in Pelotonia and eating at Cameron Mitchell restaurants.