Kaitlin Kingrey

Associate, Senior Interior Designer


“There is no such thing as a boring project. There are only boring executions.”

Kaitlin considers the end user’s experience from the very start of a project. She effectively plans and organizes spaces by thinking about what staff members need to function efficiently; what customers need to interact and feel comfortable; and what the visitor needs to understand how to move through the space. Kaitlin loves problem solving and focuses her energy on discovering creative options that meet all client requirements through space planning, logistics and material and furniture selection. As a quick-thinking, conscientious, and practical person with experience hitting tight deadlines, Kaitlin strives to be a good communicator, flexible and tactful. 


  • Bachelor of Fine Arts Architecture & Interior Design, Miami University


  • Certified Interior Designer, National Council for Interior Design Qualifications, NCIDQ #34911


  • Kaitlin learned how to flip burgers at White Castle as part of her project research.