Adena Orthopedic and Spine Institute

A new specialty hospital with a focus on robotics and state of the art orthopedic surgery. 

In 2010, the first of the Baby Boomer generation reached 65. Overall, by 2015, Boomers accounted for 22% of the population, and these numbers are rapidly increasing. With today’s seniors more active than ever, Adena’s advanced orthopedic and robotic surgery services needed to grow to support this growing healthcare consumer segment.

Committed since its founding in 1896 to providing outstanding medical care for southeastern Ohio, Adena Regional Medical Center has grown into an exceptional high acuity hospital ready to move boldly into the future, proactively expanding its best-in-class orthopedic and robotic surgical services and the facilities that serve them.

Envisioned as an all-inclusive specialty surgical center, this new facility will include ORs and related perioperative spaces designed to support advanced patient care and to minimize the risk of HAIs, inpatient rooms designed for patient and family comfort, clinical spaces to care for patients both before and after their procedures, and wellness and rehab spaces to support long-term patient health and wellness. A new parking structure will make accessing care as easy as possible for patients and their families on this beautiful, rolling campus in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.