Large Animal MRI | OSU Veterinary Hospital

Large animal MRI unique in Ohio and surrounding states.

Housing a high field (3 Tesla) and large bore (70 cm) magnet, this new veterinary MRI facility within the large animal section of the OSU Veterinary Hospital allows the University to conduct advanced clinical trials and provide the best possible patient care. The high field magnet allows optimal image clarity and short anesthesia times, minimizing risk for large animal patients.

This project included demolition of existing infrastructure, construction of a large new copper enclosure to provide necessary shielding for the magnet from environmental radio wave interference, selection of extremely durable, OSU-branded interior finishes that can handle multi-ton rolling (and walking!) loads, and all required engineering. Project detailing had to accommodate and manage the presence of water and necessary cleaning that comes along with large-animal use spaces, which might otherwise wreak havoc on the performance and durability of the copper shielding, as well as incorporate critical access and safety controls to protect students working in adjacent spaces from accidentally encountering the MRI’s magnetic field.

This project was completed under the State of Ohio Design-Build delivery method, working with Welty Building Company, Ltd.