Liberty Center

Raising expectations for mixed use centers.

Liberty Center is a $350 million mixed use development between Dayton and Cincinnati that is raising expectations for retail and mixed use centers. The development’s 88 acres and 1.2 million SF are blanketed with a diverse livable fabric and embedded with walkability. Working alongside several architects and contractors, M+A designed Liberty’s Concierge Center, the lighting and furniture selections in the Foundry, the chapel’s interior space, and Sabin Hall event center, as well as the interior design of two luxury apartment buildings. M+A coordinated the design of the Children’s Discovery Place and was the architect for two retail buildings on-site including Brio’s building.

Liberty Center isn’t just another shopping center. Instead of just the live, work, play components, it folds together live, work, play with celebrate, dine, worship, exercise, and relax (among many more).