Pre and Post-Operative Care Unit Renovation | OSU Hospital East

Design that helps increase patient privacy

This CMaR-phased renovation of the existing fourth floor main hospital will accommodate twenty four state-of-the-art pre and post-operative recovery bays to increase patient privacy, provide a soothing experience for patients and create a more functional space for staff. The project also includes two enabling projects to relocate a displaced surgical locker space, offices, and a respiratory therapy suite.

Our designed layout gave nurses pods of 3-4 patients in close proximity. All pods had three walls and a privacy curtain for an improved level of patient privacy. The finishes were selected with patients in mind and give the space a warmer, comfortable feeling. Also, we designed the space to be flexible and free of distinct boundaries separating pre and post-op patients to allow efficiency and occupancy to be maximized, given the varying number patients each day.