Primary Care at the Heights | OSU Wexner Medical Center

Primary care close to home.

M+A was thoroughly involved in planning, designing and constructing the new care center in 2018. The fit-out of the shelled first floor at The Heights of Worthington included 24 exam rooms, multiple offices, a treatment room and blood draw area. The renovation was a collaboration of design, architecture and interior design - all working together to build a space that fits Ohio State guidelines.

One key element was taking advantage of the natural light and using it to encourage movement throughout the space. This created some personalization and allowed M+A to capitalized on improving the already new building. M+A also kept a solid sense of Ohio State’s brand and making the space feel familiar to all patients and staff.

The OSU Primary Care Physician Practice serves as a convenient primary care office for the community’s children and adults. It sits below luxury apartments in a tenant fit-out.