Shops at Worthington Place

Responding to a new demographic.

Worthington Mall had slowly transformed from a flourishing indoor shopping destination, to an almost empty shell gentrified of retailers. The design needed to respond to a new demographic; the pastel Art-Deco classic design spoke to an aging group, one that retailers didn’t follow in the local market. The solution M+A provided was more modern, comfortable style to capture the interest of a newer generation, utilizing the open space, activating storefronts for tenants, and highlighting the common space as areas for community and communication.

Achieving balance was key. The solution was to take a sustainable approach to renovation, through updating versus re-building. Richness was created with the use of natural colored tile, offset by deep wood columns and a contrasting yet balanced carpet pattern. The rhythm of columns and flooring materials, along with the purposeful organization of seating pods, provide intrigue as one reaches the central dome and newly updated fountain.