For us, architectural design is about balancing the art and science of architecture. Matching creativity with practicality for an optimal outcome: Smart Design. It’s what you get when you combine expertise with experience, insight, and inspiration.

The result is a sense of poise, purpose, and symmetry. In a word, balance. And it’s with that balanced approach that we give you a built environment that’s sustainable and sophisticated, efficient and exciting, creatively inspired and tailored to your needs.

Accessibility Assessments

Locating areas of non-compliance with relevant guidelines—ADAAG, ANSI, and/or FHA—and providing cost effective solutions to address deficiencies and help you mitigate risk.

Architectural Brand Standards

Together we’ve worked hard to design an environment that embodies your organization, so once it’s complete, defining architectural standards serves as a guide to preserve your design aesthetic through future change and growth.

Building Code Analysis + Evaluation

Leveraging two, in-house Certified Master Plans Examiners and working through potential code issues at the beginning of a project—ultimately resulting in smooth permit reviews and creative, cost-effective solutions.

Competitive Bidding

Supporting your procurement of competitive construction bids, whether through public or private bid processes, answering bidder’s questions during the bid period, and assisting you in determining and awarding to the successful bidders.

Cost Estimating

Providing detailed cost estimates at key milestones throughout the course of a project, to enable stakeholders to make cost effective decisions based on component value analyses.

Healthcare Accreditation Consulting

Knowing how and where building codes and accreditation guidelines intersect to drive healthcare facility planning and construction, we adeptly navigate local codes, accessibility standards, life safety standards and facility design guidelines to protect patient safety, support positive patient outcomes, and drive compliance with CMS and Joint Commission standards.

Information Technology Integration

Being thoughtful about the placement of innovative tools and the building systems that support those tools. Truly incorporating technology seamlessly into the design.

Kitchen / Dining Design

Finding that niche where necessary operation meets functionality and aesthetics. Kitchen and dining areas have unique design considerations and our process drives feasible solutions.

Leasing Support

Helping you market to potential tenants with master lease plans, preliminary space plans (PSPs), lease outline drawings (LODs), and leasing exhibits and renderings.