Our Innovation + Research team helps businesses by becoming recession proof, providing data to make value driven decisions, and building organizational alignment for strategic growth plans. We exist to solve your problems and make decisions, building your internal culture now while creating a strategy for success in whatever comes next.

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The Future of Design

Sensorial Glasses

Bias-filtered Glass

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Voice Upvoting

A Zero-Barrier Profession For Inclusivity

Sensorial Liminal Experiences For Caring Connection

Community Skilling For Equity

Digitally Driven Diversity

Rebuilding Repair For Equity And Inclusion

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Mark Bryan

Certified Futurist, Director of Innovation + Research Team

Katherine Hunter

Design Researcher


If we have the ability to worry about the future, it also means we have the ability to imagine a better one.

Foresight + Futurism

Foresight and futurism is the ability to predict what will happen and what is needed in the future. Our services are designed to prepare you for what’s to come next, without ever having lived it yet.

White Paper Research

We provide you the data you need to make informed decisions on design, market strategies, and new developments.

Workplace Surveys + Cultural Analyzation

Understand what is actually happening - your lived culture - within your business and organization, versus what you think is happening - your perceived culture - to know what your company needs to thrive

Market Research + Trend Analysis

Our international resources will help inform you on what is happening today and tomorrow with data surveys and reports to provide quantitative and qualitative rationale of business, consumer, employee, and generational preferences.

Community Focus Group

Understand the communities’ needs and wants by hearing it firsthand.

White Papers

Three Approaches To Lighting For Senior Living

How To Make Collaborative Learning Meaningful For University Students

Co Living Upfront Planning For Organic Growth Part 1

Co Living Upfront Planning For Organic Growth Part 2

2030 The Future of Architecture and Design

Why Mental Health Matters

What Is Stress, Respite, and Mindfullness

Future-prepared [companies] outperformed the average by a 33% higher profitability [and] a 200% higher growth.

Understanding what is happening today within your market, business, and your clients can be a daunting task with the ever-present information overload. Our Innovation + Research team is here to provide answers to your uncertainties, and turn those insights into action.

We don’t just come up with the strategies for today, we work to give you a road map for what is coming in the next 3, 5, and even 10 years. That is our differentiator.

Our clients vary depending on their need. Our portfolio of work includes national retail brands looking to redefine their industry and provide new offerings to a larger consumer base, large corporate clients working to understand their future successful culture for attraction and retention, corporate clients looking for guidance and alignment amongst their decision makers, businesses wanting to understand how to be better prepared for the future, and organizations looking to find new business ventures to become financially sustainable.

Our process is unique and tailored to provide results. We are here to prove it, not just promise it.

  • 79% of B2B buyers listed white papers as the material they were most likely to share with colleagues
  • 76% of brands are investing in research efforts for their business strategic planning in 2022.
  • Companies that know what their clients want and what they expect can create loyalty and repeat business. A 5% increase in customer retention increases business profits by 25%-95%.
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